beclip production webcast public

Paris, 7 October, live webcast from Paris.

A multinational holds its quarterly staff meetings for employees spread around the globe (New York, Moscow, Belgium, Morocco, Bulgaria, Romania, Istanbul, Berlin, Rabat, Czech Republic, Spain, Austria, Italy, UK, etc.).

For this occasion, BeclipTV Production sent along its camera and sound crew to record the meeting and broadcast it live. Employees in each office gathered in a room where the broadcast was projected onto a big screen. Another feature was that the video stream was confidential. BeclipTV Production created a secure web page especially for the event. Users had to log in before they were granted access to the video.

During the broadcast, the producer alternated between video clips / slides and a template combining the two. Each speaker was equipped with a high-frequency clip-on microphone. Two moderators dealt with incoming emails from the remote attendees. At the end of the meeting, the CEO answered questions sent in to him.

With a budget of less than €3000, this was an excellent method of keeping staff informed and motivated without the cost of transporting 400 people around the world !


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