Corporate video

How does a Beclip.TV project work?film entreprise



Every project begins with a briefing session to find out what is required and to define the project and its target audience. Based on this, we carry out a location recce and assess the constraints. Beclip.TV then submits a script and a firm price proposal, the common theme for shooting and editing the video.



On the day agreed, our film crew arrives for the shoot. Longer projects are filmed in a number of takes. If necessary, we will also go to various different locations.
Interviews are conducted and filmed as part of the shoot. Everything is done to help put the client at ease and, if required, we use a teleprompter.
Testimonials from satisfied customers or employees can also be filmed. These are highly effective in persuading your new business prospects.



During the editing process, images, text and music are assembled to give the clip rhythm and direction. We can also insert your own films. We will then present an initial ‘cut’ for you to comment on. You suggest any corrections or improvements you would like. We will come back to you quickly with a second version. If necessary, further modifications can still be made to the project.



Your corporate film can be posted at your website, on your servers or via YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, etc.
We will also provide you with the file of your video so that you can view it on your PC and incorporate it into your presentations.


Are you thinking about making a company film, filming a conference, producing a report, etc. – and you’re wondering how much all that will cost you? Describe your ideas to us below and we will get back to you within one day with an obligation-free budget estimate.