The quality of your video can really make or break your corporate image.
A professional production that incorporates the audio and visual aspects of your video, as well as the quality of the voiceover, actors and script guarantees the credibility of the whole presentation.
Consumers have been watching high-quality video productions for many years. In the same way, public and private television stations have long been producing great-looking films and reports that are beautifully structured and put together. The film-making industry continues to lift the quality of video productions to ever-greater heights.
Used to this high level of production, consumers (your customers or new business prospects) expect the same from your productions. Producing a poor-quality corporate film will make viewers very uneasy about your business. They will judge your company based on their own experience of other video productions.
Fortunately, today you can produce a professional-quality video for a very reasonable investment. Beclip.TV adjusts its production services to match your budget while still retaining the quality of the sound and pictures. Producing a corporate film doesn’t mean you have to hire James Cameron to amaze your audience. Instead, you want to create a piece that is simple, effective, well-produced, good-looking, clearly audible, short and intelligent.
If you are the do-it-yourself type or want to entrust your project to someone you know who is “mad about video”, then you are heading for a major disappointment. A quality production requires the right equipment, as well as excellent knowledge of the narrative techniques of film. Then there’s lighting, sound and framing the shots correctly – all needed to produce a good result. And that’s something your average Joe-with-a-camera is unable to provide you with.
At Beclip.TV, we offer our clients an "appropriate performance guarantee". If you are not happy with the result, you won’t owe us a thing. We can give you this guarantee because we have total faith in the expertise of our crews.


Did you know?

  • The soundtrack represents the majority of the message delivered by the corporate video. Don’t believe us? Simply watch television and mute the sound. Then turn the sound back on and turn your back to the screen. In which of these two cases is the message the most understandable? The sound is very important in a video. So it is vital that you have the best possible equipment for recording interviews.
  • When watching a video online, viewers zap away from the video after just 1 minute and 48 seconds on average. So you need a genuinely captivating film to keep their attention for longer. There’s no point in producing a 15-minute report online. No one will look at it, except perhaps you.
Are you thinking about making a company film, filming a conference, producing a report, etc. – and you’re wondering how much all that will cost you? Describe your ideas to us below and we will get back to you within one day with an obligation-free budget estimate.