Video broadcast
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Filming a live show (and getting it right!) is a complex task. There’s so much happening on stage, recording the sound levels correctly is vital and the stage lighting effects can be a challenge for the cameras. BeclipTV Production has a wealth of experience and all the equipment needed to achieve a perfect result. All that for a budget that you can definitely afford.

Our mobile video regie enables you to broadcast your event, sports competition and live event on the Internet. Whatever the location of your event, our satellite equipment will stream the action throughout Europe for a really very affordable budget. Ask for a quote.

See also our offer of audiovisual capture service during your conferenceswebcast, CEO Town hall...this page here.

Beclip cameraman moff 2 FotorDepending on what the requirements are, Beclip.TV will set up as many as 11 cameras so that every single moment of the show can be captured in all its glory. In the editing suite or during production, the director is always able to get the best possible shot.
BeclipTV Production behind the sceneFull HD video mixer 16 in 8 out, 32-channel digital mixing table 16 bus 16 out, Hardware and software Internet streamer, Senheiser and AKG microphones, HD-SDI, HDMI and UTP LAN long-distance cables, numerous VGA / HDMI / HD-SDI / DVI converters, Sony Full HD robotic camera, Numerous Full HD operator cameras

Sound is recorded using professional microphones made by the leading manufacturers and then mixed on a digital mixing table, guaranteeing genuine hi-fi results.

Beclip.TV integration reseau sociauxYour event can be broadcast live on Facebook. This means that you can get straight to the heart of your core audience, so that they immediately tell their friends, groups and the general public about your event. As a result, your event will go viral and your audience will increase massively.
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Screening the finished product for you at your venue is now both a popular and affordable option. Our powerful projectors produce a beautiful Full HD image that can be seen clearly by viewers in even the furthest corners of the auditorium.


Finally, Beclip.TV can broadcast your concert for you online. The show can even be made pay-per-view. Broadcasting live enables you to increase your visibility and boost your image. And use the social networks to publicise your performance beforehand.

We will record your event in full HD for futur use like hosting on Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion,.  And we can write a DVD – or, even better, Blu-ray – the best way to retain a wonderful record and memory of your event in high resolution.

Diffusion vidéo par satelliteBeclip.TV is equipped with bi-directional satellite transmission equipment, which enables it to broadcast your event online to locations where wired connections are non-existent or unreliable. For a very affordable budget, the new Eutelsat technologies allow the whole world to listen to you - wherever you are.
Are you thinking about making a company film, filming a conference, producing a report, etc. – and you’re wondering how much all that will cost you? Describe your ideas to us below and we will get back to you within one day with an obligation-free budget estimate.