To celebrate the 3rd Waterloo International Historical Film Festival (FIFHW 2015), BeclipTV Production was on hand to keep the cameras rolling for all four days.

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The production team filmed the opening gala as well as Friday's make-up demo session. On Sunday evening the closing gala and prize-giving ceremony were broadcast live on the WaterlooTV channel.

Incredibly high-quality shots filmed during each session were also shown on the 10-metre-wide big screen in Screen 6 of the Cinés Wellington cinema. Viewers were thus able to enjoy the events taking place on-stage from the comfort of the big screen. The team also provided amplification in the auditorium.

During the festival's prize-giving ceremony, the BeclipTV Production cameras captured Katia Tchenko's tears as she watched The Midwife, a reminder of some of the saddest childhood memories. The emotional moment was fittingly touched on by Waterloo's burgomaster Florence Reuter.

Awarding the top prize:

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